Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bodaborg etc....

A day out of concert gear today.

Today we had no concert! instead we went to Bodaborg for the day, where the Borblast Band and Haringey Big Band went into the house of adventure for a few hours working together to solve puzzles and challenges ranging from Green- thinking puzzles, Red- a bit physical but also thinking and Black - very physical and very tricky.

Following this the students went home for dinner and rest before returning for a joint rehearsal/workshop and social. Including practising the infamous Ray Charles melody......

In their social the Bortblast orchestra organised games for all students to participate in. Then they went on to watch a film together, with lots of apes in.

Enough for now...

But just to note:

for the count we have nine performances, and two workshops

Good night .....zzzzz

Sorry no pics again today

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