Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The end of an 18 hour day!

Day one! Even though few of us got more than six hours of sleep, we were all surprisingly lively. After arriving in Sweden we were taken to our hotel, before long we were taken for an interesting boat trip along an old moat in Gotenburg. On this tour of the river, we learnt about some of the history of the town such as the ship building along the river and the original purpose of the river. One of the most interesting parts of the tour was the bridge nicknamed "The Cheese Grater" Bridge. It was given this name because is incredibly low. So low in fact that we had to literally duck under our seats as simply bending over just wasn't enough head clearance! After the boat trip we went for some fine cuisine in Pizza Hut and had quite an enjoyable dinner.

All in all, with the weather on our side, we had a great introductory day to Sweden and we're looking forward to the other delights that Sweden has to offer.

By Ama and Rashada

First impressions of Sweden
'Like England but clean' - Matt Wickham

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