Monday, 29 August 2011

A day of sightseeing

Hello all!

Today we had our first real chance to appreciate the Swedish landscape with a full day of sightseeing. We began by piling onto a coach at the music school from where we departed for Sveafallen. Here, we were treated to a guided tour of various geological formations created during the last ice age. Our experienced guide managed to hold the attention of almost all the band members and with limited English even managed to add in the odd well-placed joke.

After this we travelled to a nature reserve where we had lunch and a little time to either look round the beautiful surroundings or play Crazy Golf..

We then travelled back to Kristinehamn where we sailed on the famous boat of Kristinehamn, which appears in the coat of arms for the town. This was enjoyed by all students, and included going on the net at the front of the boat and firing a cannon!!!

Anyway, ask your young people for full details of this on their return.

Good night


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