Tuesday, 30 August 2011

comments from students

Roy Sussman: My favourite part of the trip was the gig we played at the gymnasium. The audience were great and we all played our best. Overall the trip was a success and meeting and playing with Swedish musicians was a fantastic experience.

One of the best moments of the trip was the jam session we had at the music school on Saturday night. It was fun playing new tunes with the guys from Bortblast and Big Band. Everyone has been really nice and helpful, especially our hosts, it’s been a good week. Jonny Wickham

A great trip overall. My best moment was the jam session on Saturday night, although playing with the other Swedish musicians was also really enjoyable. Lyle Barton

The trip was an overall success, I enjoyed it a lot. Staying with the host family was a great experience and I felt very at home. My favourite moment of the trip was the Saturday night jam session in the music school, it was brilliant to play new songs with some great musicians both English and Swedish. All in all it has been a fun week. Oscar Barany

For me, the best moment of the tour was the epic jam session on Saturday night. Playing with the teachers of the bands was a very insightful, inspirational and fun way to develop ourselves musically. Our hosts were infinitely helpful, polite and friendly, and made every moment amazing. Roy aside, the trip was perfect (Sorry Roy. Much love). Louis Masseron

Fantastic!, great trip and music tour, lots of fun I enjoyed it a lot, host families were very nice, a fabulous week, matthew wickham

Well the trip was an enthralling experience that i will never forget since it was my first with big band. Every moment was GREAT and it was a great chance for me to get better at my instrument (the clarinet) I hope to go on many more trips with big band in the future. Thank you. Anahi fenerich

I had an amazing time here in Sweden. The Swedish bands we met were really nice and bonding with the other members of Big Band is something that has made us stronger as a both a group of friends and a group of young musicians. The experiences we had here in Sweden is something that I won’t forget in a hurry. Rashada Balasal-Simms

I have really enjoyed this tour especially as this my first with the Big Band. The tour gave me a chance to get to know the other members of the band a lot more. The Swedish band the we played along with were very nice. Our host were very helpful in taking us around. This experience is one I will remember forever. Emmanuel Longe

I had a great time in the schools we played at, especially in the playground on the swings! I really loved the trip and the people on it, and i would deffinatly do it again. Madeleine Knox,

Sweden has been really good:} the people have all been friendly and speak exceptional English. The performances all were so much fun and sounded great. James McKay

I had a fantastic time in Sweden, the music was great, the host families were great and so was every thing else. I would love to come on tour next year if there is one; im sure it will be just as good as this one. Tom hill

Sweden is great! Not only the music side of things, but did you know you get 1 krona every time you recycle a bottle! This is the best tour I have ever been on with Haringey (although this is the first tour I have ever been on with Haringey) and i really hope i get the chancew to go on another one... Last point: Sweden is very similar to London but is cleaner and empty (people wise)! - Ama robinson

I had an amazing time in Sweden. I don’t really have a favourite part but I think that if I had to choose one it would be climbing onto the net at the front of ‘the old ship.’ I also very much enjoyed staying with my hosts, and would like to thank them for treating me and Ben so well. – Torsten Power.

Wow! What an experience! 8 CONCERTS and 3 WORKSHOPS. The hosts were awesome. They were so kind and treated us equally. Can’t choose a best bit, but Sweden did remind me of other hols, like Scotland. Great!!!! – Joseph Browning

Had a great time, met great people and played some great music. Really good time in Sweden! Looking forward to meeting them all again- Connor Dibblin

Superb time in the land of Ikea. Really surprised by the lack of ikeas in Sweden. I assumed that it would be like McDonalds or Starbucks to them (i.e. complete saturation). This morning was pretty rough though. I say to my host ‘Yeah, I’m sure I have packed all my things’ Walter: ‘Ali, your pyjamas are in the bathroom’. Ali Rookes.

I really enjoyed Sweden and my host was really kind (and also had an 800 kilo horse) i have met some great people and I would like to meet them again. Walter Richards

I’ve really enjoyed being in Sweden. Everything’s been great and we’ve played tons of music. I can’t wait for the next tour! Ben Gardiner

Sweden was excellent! Had a great time and look forward to all the different HYM trips to come. The funniest moments were Joseph ‘La squisha’ Browning getting locked in the hotel toilets and also fin falling off his chair with laughter whilst watching the most serious part In rise of the planets of the apes. Will Hayter

There isn’t really anything I can say that someone else hasn’t said before me. Everything about Sweden was amazing. Frances Cummings

The Swedish people were very kind and my host family were great. It was great and I look forward to the next trip. Harry Johnson

I had an amazing time in sweeden I did loads with my host family including fishing and swimming and I had great fun in the concerts, as it was my first ever hym trip I was a bit nervous but everyone was really nice and I made loads of new friends . fin woolfson

Overall fun time in Sweden despite max and harry ruining my chances with the most beautiful sweed in the world and me not being very good at the adventure day- I’m too competitive… Kati Gosschalk

Me and harry had great fun with the swedish girls, even though they are quite shy. Ay it was sick blud. Max heap

Had an amazing time this trip met many friendly people played some good jazz didn’t fail any solos too badly cant wait till next Wednesday :P. P.S. never watch a film with Finn. Euan McGregor

My favourite bit of tour was the whispering stone in the 6th form centre, where you stood in a certain place and could hear it echo around. – Hugh Matthews

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