Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hey everyone,
As the tutors didn't do a very long post yesterday because they were 'tired', we thought we'd do one.

We woke up ridiculously early (not for Kate!) to get one of the few hotel showers- which were actually really hot.

At about 9 we left for a primary school where we did 3 concerts back to back with some interesting dance moves from me, Frances and Joe to 'I feel good' and some great soloing from Louis and Emmanuel- as usual! (and the rest of us...)

Then, they fed us some school dinners which were very good- minus the dry cardboard cracker things, and we spoke to a few of the Swedish children (which was embarrassing for us as their English at 6 years old was miles better than our Swedish- Maddie and I have just been told hi means shark here...)

Next we visited an old people's home and did a quieter concert for them. They really enjoyed our jazz music and said it was a nice change from the folk music they are used to.

Soon it was time for the part of the day I had been looking forward to most, going shopping! The mall was huge and the pic 'n' mix here is insane- Frances managed to buy 0.98kg for just £7... I think most of the others just bought McDonald's, sorry parents.

In the evening we had a workshop session with some sweeds who were really friendly- especially the boys.. Being the only flautist in band I somehow ended up in a practice session with 7 people from their band and no-one from ours which was quite scary as we had to learn dance moves [Kate was in her element - loving every moment, giggling and dancing well -PD].

We had a 'Wilko' jam- basically, we all soloed and then Nick Wilkinson took over for about 5 minutes... We ate with them and then they showed us some more Swedish dancing which was hilarious.

Soon after, we returned to the hotel and were allowed a whole 10 minutes in the boys' room before bed.

I have to go now as we are about to leave for our 5th concert in 2 days but hope you're all well and missing us loads.

Hugs from all your children, Kate xx


  1. A kilo of sweets for £7. Glad to see my lecture about spending responsibly has paid off. David (Frances' Dad).

  2. wow...thanx 4 the detailed lot are definitely enjoying yourselves..there's nothing much to miss here in London..its been rain rain and rain today.

    Miss you guys...enjoy your stay over there

    Victor (Emmanuel's Dad)