Sunday, 28 August 2011


It rained!!!!!!

Unfortunately it rained, and it rained. Lots of host families had organised lots of nice outdoor things to do during thier morning off that needed good weasther, We also had planned to have an outside concert at the Picasso sculpure on the side of Lake Vanern, This unfortunatley had to be cancelled. It did clear up , but was still very windy, so not suitable for lots of music and it was guessed that not much audience would turn up especially as we had a back up plan to have a joint concert this evening as well.

In the spare time we acquired, a few brave souls took to a little dip in the lake by picassos statue, whilst others watched on with either ice-cream !!!!!!!

We then went back to the Musikskolan for curried Chicken, Banana & peanut pizza!?! Its actually very delicious.

We then went to Christine Theatern for a joint concert, where everyone in Bortblast and Big Band took a solo spot.

The audience responded well to all the solos and both bands played Ray Charles and Grazin in the Grass together.

A few pictures of the travel groups for your amusement.....


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  1. Nick's expression: Looks like he's still playing his sax but forgotten that he's put it away!